Birch & Bison is a consulting firm that specializes in data science, analytics, accounting and management; and provides strategy, consulting, development, and training in those fields. We're proudly Canadian, providing on-premise services for clients across the nation, and remote services for clients farther afield.

Whether you are a big organisation with big data, small organisation with small data, or some place in the middle; we have the tools, skills, and experience to help you leverage your data and tap into its full potential.

Our Services

  • Strategy

    Learn what's possible with your data and make a plan.

  • Consulting

    Solve your business problems with data-based insights.

  • Development

    Create a new data product or tool for your business.

  • Training

    Build your team's capability and learn about new developments.

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Have a project in mind, want to learn more about how we can help, or just want to chat about emerging technology? We'd be delighted to hear from you.